John Ross' Robots

Artist John Ross approached me to help bring his full size wooden robot sculptures to life. He'd been using an ingenius mix of off the shelf lighting and bluetooth controlled speakers from a mobile device to make his creations talk, but wanted something self contained, that would invite user interaction. I built out a custom interaction system for him that would wake the robot up when people walk by using motion sensors, play a short computer startup noise to get the attention of passers-by, and then integrate a large button that when pressed, would light up the robots eyes and have it say something nice to you. This project involved custom hardware including two Arduino microcontrollers, a built in amplification system to utilize an antique factory loudspeaker that was part of the sculpture but hadn't been used, and various sensor inputs.

Robot Number 1

Additional work is being done on other interactive robots, even ones including security cameras!

Security Camera Bot

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